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Education is the Cultivation of Virtue

We teach our students to think well (Intellectual Virtues), we train them to lead (Cardinal virtues), we transform them with a love of goodness (Moral Virtues), we train them to be winsome as they write and speak with eloquence (Rhetorical virtues), we deepen their knowledge of God, history, and our world (the virtue of Wisdom) and we immerse them in a Christian view of all things.

Inspiring & Equipping


Classical Christian Education

Classical Christian schools use children’s God-given strengths at each stage of growth to help them learn; young children enjoy memorizing, singing, and rhymes, so a solid foundation is laid in each subject of study at this age; junior-high students are inquisitive, so we develop their ability to reason and discern truth; and high-school students want to talk, so we teach them how to present their ideas persuasively. The result is a graduate who knows what they believe and why and can positively impact the community around them.

The Good Soil Report is a comparative study of 24-to 42-year-old alumni from public, secular private, Catholic, evangelical Christian, religious homeschool, and Association of Classical Christian Education schools on the topics of life choices, preparation, attitudes, values, opinions, and practices.

Received a BA or higher in college

vs. 45% of homeschool alumni

Felt well prepared for a job

vs. 50% of christian school alumni

Read the Bible regularly

vs. 55% of christian school & homeschool alumni

Attend Church 3x per month

vs. 65% of christian school & homeschool alumni

Life Preparation

Barry County Christian School students are uniquely prepared for life after high school. After thirteen years of preparation, the final three years of which include post-secondary life planning meetings, practicums, real-world experience, and 1-on-1 planning for life after High School, allows Barry County Christian School graduates to achieve their God-given potential.


We're all about creating genuine relationships with our students so that Christ is made real in and out of School life. Every school day begins with morning worship, devotionals, and prayer. Weekly chapel services encourage growth in and commitment to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Strengthening your student's ability and character is important to us. With Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity Athletics, BCCS's student athletes grow in Christlike character and improve athletically as they train and compete. Eagle Athletics are on the rise!

4 Easy Steps for Admission

4 Steps

In order to best understand the education process at BCCS, we encourage all prospective families to schedule a visit. Taking a tour of our facilities and having a chat with our administrator will give you a first hand experience of what life is like at Barry County Christian. Give us a call at
(269) 948-2151.


Families are encouraged to pick up an application in person while visiting the school. For your convenience, you may also email us at or call us at (269)948-2151 and request an application. Submit your application in person or by email to begin the application process.


Prospective families will meet with a school board member and the school administrator to discuss the family's specific educational goals, the school’s philosophy of Christian education, and how the school and family can work together.


Barry County Christian School recognizes that not all families have the financial flexibility for Christian education. With that in mind, BCCS will work with your family to discover if financial assistance is a realistic possibility for your family.
To Start your financial assistance process today Please Click the FACTS Icon Below and create an FACTS account.


Hear It from Others

Excellent Christian education in a Family-style environment. It provides students with a background of faith-based education that has lead myself and fellow alumni to careers in various fields, even internationally! I valued my time at BCCS and am proud to see it evolve as my siblings continue to attend.

Ashley Ipackchi - Alumni



2999 McKeown St.

Hastings, MI. 49058
(269) 948-2151



4180 2nd St
Caledonia, MI 49316

(269) 953-7632


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10005 E. Barnum Rd.
Woodland, MI 48897

(269) 320-0500

Student Life At BCCS

At BCCS students have the opportunity to explore and develop their dreams.
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