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Welcome to the Barry County Homeshool Alliance (BCHA),

your trusted partner in supporting homeschooling families! For years, we have been dedicated to enhancing the academic, social, athletic, and familial experiences of homeschoolers. Now, as we embark on our fifth year, we are thrilled to invite you to join our vibrant community, where you can actively participate in various facets of homeschool life, surrounded by like-minded families. With BCHA, you'll find a warm and engaging environment that nurtures growth, fosters connections, and empowers you on your homeschooling journey.


Discover the extraordinary world of elementary homeschooling at the Barry County Homeschool Alliance (BCHA). Our elementary program is designed to ignite a lifelong love for learning in your young scholars. With a focus on fostering curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity, we provide a rich educational experience tailored to meet the unique needs of elementary-aged children. Through hands-on activities, and interactive group projects, our dedicated team of educators and parents work together to create an enriching environment where students thrive academically and socially. Join us at BCHA Elementary and unlock endless opportunities for your child's educational journey.

Discover PATH, a vibrant and engaging classically based Co-Op in Hastings. Join forces with dedicated members for a half-day of collaborative learning, covering all core subjects except math and phonics. Experience academic and social growth in a supportive environment at PATH Co-Op.

Experience the flexibility and enrichment of our elementary a-la-carte program at BCCS. Throughout the week, families can bring their children to join us for engaging classes in music, art, beginning band, and physical education. Students have the option to participate in the enrichment courses, joining our full-time students for lunch and recess on the days they attend these classes. This allows for a more dynamic and convenient scheduling, catering to the diverse needs of our students and families. Embrace the new opportunities for learning and growth as we spread the enrichment classes across the week!

Customize your child's education plan at BCCS, where homeschool families have the flexibility to choose between daily core classes or Friday afternoon enrichment classes. Whether you prefer a comprehensive curriculum or specialized courses, this is an excellent opportunity to tailor your child's learning experience to meet their unique needs.
Join BCCS and embark on a personalized educational journey that empowers your child's growth and success.

Discover our dual enrollment program at BCCS, where we assist in enrolling Juniors and Seniors in local college classes while creating a comprehensive transcript of their achievements. Unlock new academic horizons and gain valuable college credits while still in high school. Join us and pave the way for future success through our transformative educational pathway.

Utilize our student management system, Sycamore School, to effortlessly create your student's high school transcript. With our assistance, you can efficiently compile and organize their academic records, ensuring a comprehensive and professional transcript. Trust BCCS to provide the necessary tools for accurately documenting your student's educational journey.

Discover inclusive athletic opportunities for homeschool students in grades 5 to 12 at BCCS. Join our teams and experience the enriching world of team sports, regardless of your schooling method. Participate in every team and foster camaraderie and personal growth. Request an athletic form and details from the BCHA director to get involved. Unleash your athletic potential at BCCS and create lasting memories.

Join our vibrant secondary homeschooling community at BCHA! Grades 6 to 12 students come together for an enriching educational journey, fostering camaraderie, shared learning, and growth. With engaging activities, extracurricular opportunities, and social events, we provide a platform for students to connect, collaborate, and thrive alongside their peers. Find encouragement, resources, and a strong support network as you navigate homeschooling during the secondary years. Join us and embrace a community that celebrates individuality, fosters lifelong friendships, and embraces the unique homeschooling experience.

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Become a part of the BCHA Today!

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